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Wedding photography

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Weddings are roller-coasters of emotion; twists and turns with the odd loop-the-loop thrown in for good measure. Happiness and joy, love and romance, tears and laughter, all run hand-in-hand in a school playground atmosphere of noise and activity. You can be lifted up and carried aloft by a tidal wave of feelings and, before you realise, the day is over, leaving you breathless and full of wonder. Friends, relatives and colleagues swirled and danced before your eyes, full of the joys of you and your life.

We love the fact that we get to share in this fantastic celebration, blending easily and harmoniously into your day and how we, spotting those flickering moments where a glance or gentle touch speaks louder than words, record that moment for the rest of your life. We want to be able to capture the spirit and essence of your day and bottle it for you to re-live it, refresh it and rejoice in it, over and over again.

If this is how you see your wedding day and want someone you can trust to help you make make it a lasting memory, in a fabulously fun and relaxed way, then we'd love to hear all about your plans for your big day.


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