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About Martin and Alison Ker

Martin Ker Photography Homepage

I love my family.
I miss Sunday morning lie-ins.
I love to curl up with a good book.
I love to laugh.
I still believe in fairies
I love cheese.
I love to walk in the rain.
I love musicals.
I love happy endings.
I miss my mam.
I'm a good I am told.
I can't sing but it doesn't stop me trying.
I love how a photo can make you smile or cry.


I love my kids. I love them even more when they stay in their own beds all night.
I love black coffee.
I love reading - books, newspapers, the back of the cornflake box.........
I love being back home in Teesside.
I used to live in France .
I have a degree in Psychology.
I miss playing rugby.
I love wine gums.
I love my Nespresso coffee machine. I may have already mentioned the coffee.
I would love to learn to fly a helicopter.
I am a night owl.
I love old black & white films and swashbucklers.
I love words and language but I adore how a photo can tell a story without either.


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